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What's included with our cleaning service?

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add-on services

Cleaning Service Add Ons

You can add additional cleaning services at checkout. We recommend a deep cleaning for all first time clients to get your home back to 100%. It takes a little bit of extra attention to get those neglected areas looking new again, but we are here to tackle that daunting task!


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Eco Clean hires the best professionals in the Madison area.

Only The Best Quality

All of our cleaners are certified through Maid Business Academy.

Green Cleaning

We bring our own eco-friendly supplies. Safe for your family and pets.

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Why Green Cleaning?

We love serving one of the greatest cities in world and our goal is to make our customers happy with an eco friendly cleaning service.


We have a clean and beautiful city and Eco Clean wants to do it’s part in keeping it that way. That's why we only use products that are safe for your family and the environment.

The safety of our beloved clients is far more important to us than saving a few dollars by using harsh chemicals in your home.


Need an Awesome Cleaner?

Yeah, we work with some pretty awesome Madison cleaners! We specialize in recurring services for this very reason, but our pro's can handle every task. Need a deep cleaning? Covered! Need to get your home ready for an "end of lease" cleaning? They can take care of that as well!


Want to customize your cleaning?

Good can always get what you need with Eco Clean! We have our packaged services listed above, but, we also give you the ability to add extra services as needed. You can simply choose the tasks you want and forget about the stuff you don't!


If you ever need help scheduling your service please send an email to and our team will get back to you right away. You can also call us at (608) 215-7432 from 9am-6pm.



We strive to deliver the best house cleaning service in Madison. That is backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that our certified professionals take pride in providing top notch services each and every time! If somethng isn't right...just let us know and we will make sure you are taken care of. Our goal is to ensure all of our clients are happy with the services provided.


What is the difference between a move-out and deep cleaning

Each of these packages will cover the deep cleaning tasks, such as: soap scum build up, grease build up, corners, and behind your toilets. Obviously theses tasks take a little bit of extra time, thus the extra cost.


The Move-in/out cleaning package also includes: inside your oven, inside your refidgerator, inside your cabinets and drawers. A few extra's you can add are: windows, blinds, balcony, finished basement, and anything else that might take a little bit of extra time. We didnt want to bundle these services into the packages, because we wanted to give you the ability to customize your cleaning without making you pay for services you don't need!


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