Steam cleaners can be a real life saver and make house cleaning a lot easier. Here is 20 reasons you should consider using this advanced technology in your home. Shark has a few very affordable options that you can pick up at almost any local store, but I always like to check groupon to see if I can save a few extra bucks!


1.  Tile Floors– No more scrubbing tile floors. When I have a mess to clean up I can count on the steam cleaner to “steam it off”. I spilled a candle that was bought from Wax and Wick all over my kitchen counter and floor, but even that was no match for the steam mop!

2.  Rugs and Carpets – With an attachment, like the one on the SteamMachine Plus, you can get stains and odors out of rug carpets.  This is perfect for you pet owners!

3.   Windows – Did you know that you can clean your window glass with a steam cleaner?  Handheld units make it a breeze to clean windows. Just make sure to do your window cleaning with a clean pad!

4.  Bathrooms – A steam mop is an obvious choice for a bathroom floor.  And if it has attachments to get into the caulk around the toilet base?  Well, mothers of boys will totally understand how awesome that sounds.

5.  Curtains and Drapes – What a pain it is to iron curtains, even if you do use my self-declared genius solution of doubling up the ironing board.  With a handheld steaming unit, you can steam the wrinkles out once they are hung.

6.  BBQ Grill – Before you break out the grill for some spring and summer cookouts, give the inside of the grill a cleaning with a wire brush attachment.  I bet your food will taste better!

7.  Upholstery – Unless you have slipcovered furniture, you probably can’t just throw your upholstery into the washing machine.  A handheld steam cleaning unit makes it easy to take care of stains and refresh your upholstered furniture.

8.  Glass showers – Even though we clean our glass shower weekly (okay, every other week), it still has soap scum build up.  It took me 2 minutes to steam clean the glass on the inside of the shower, and the glass looks brand new now.

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9.  Clothing – I have lived a lifetime of steaming dance recital costumes in a bathroom with the shower running as hot as it will go.  It always only kind of worked.  Now with a hand held steamer, I can take care of wrinkles with no problem.

10.  Car interiors – My son got sick in my truck that was only about a month old.  Need I say more?

11.  Kitchen countertops – Steam cleaning your sealed counter tops (like laminate and granite) sanitizes them without using chemicals.

12.  Outdoor patio furniture – When you bring your patio and deck furniture out of winter storage, give them a quick cleaning with the steam cleaner to remove any build-up that could be left over from the season.

13.  Toys – Give your kids’ stuffed animals a quick sanitizing by blasting them with a shot of steam.  It will be much better than spraying Febreze on them!

14.  High chairs and trays – Speaking of kids, give their high chairs and trays a good cleaning with a steam cleaner attachment made to get into crevices.  In my parenting experience, high chairs get dirtier than most anything else.

15.  Oven doors – Yes, you are supposed to be able to see into the window in your oven.  This is the only way I have found to clean my oven without the use of harsh chemicals!

16.  Bedding – Much like drapes, bedding and duvet covers can be a pain to iron since they come folded in the packaging.  A steam cleaner makes it easy to get the creases out of bedding.

17.  Patio umbrellas and outdoor fabrics – Outdoor fabrics and umbrellas can get moldy when they are left in the elements.  That’s nothing a good steam cleaning can’t fix!

18.  Dog crates – We have one of our dogs crate trained, because he can’t be trusted when we leave the house.  A steam cleaner helps to keep his crate clean and sanitized without using harsh chemicals around him.

19.  Garments – Yep, I’m kind of lazy with the iron – have you noticed a trend in this list?  It’s easy to release wrinkles (and avoid iron burns) in delicate fabrics with a handheld steamer.

20.  Litter box areas – As a former cat owner, I can say that sometimes cats miss their litter boxes.  And then they keep missing.  Give the area around the litter box a good steam cleaning to keep them from purposely returning to the scene of the crime.

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