5 effective cleaning products you need for your home!

by Kyle - November 14, 2017

effective cleaning products

Here are a few products that will make your life easier!

  1. Magic eraser, because it really is magic. We have tried dozens of home cleaning products get rid of nasty and hard to remove stains and this product really works on those. There is lots of uses for magic eraser but the areas we use it for the most is spot cleaning of the walls in a home. There is a trick to this however, if you rub the sponge too much in one area, it actually removes the paint, and we want to avoid this. So the magic number is three seconds. Rub back and forth for 3 seconds and this not only gets rid of the stains in that area, but also doesn’t eat away at the paint.


  1. Meyer’s Clean Day household. Now you be asking, what’s so special about a certain brand like Mrs. Meyer’s? well it’s non toxic, great smelling and effective! A little goes a long way with this product. Put a tea spoon size amount of soap in a gallon of water and that’s all you need. The best part is, it cleans everything! You can use it for pretty much anywhere in the home and not worry about if your pet or kids would be affected by it.


  1. You would be surprised how many people don’t know about this little household product they probably carry and had no idea you can practically use it for everything in your home to clean with. This cost-effective product is great at reducing microbial contamination but not hard soil from tiles. One of the house cleaning Edmonton companies we know promises streak free glass cleaning, and I would not be shocked if vinegar was used to make that happen! Yes you heard it right, vinegar is also a glass and window cleaner!


  1. Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner. Do I really have to explain what does product does? Spray this into the oven only, and let the product stay for two hours, then wipe. Easy as that and it’s really effective! I would recommend you check their fume free version if you want something without the nasty fumes.


  1. Sponge Towels Ultra Paper Towels. I haven’t seen anything absorb liquid better. The thickness and strength of these towels also is good for scrubbing heavy stuck on food and grime. They are also better priced than most paper towels of the same quality. Pick some up online or your local grocery store!I hope these products save you time next time you clean your home! 🙂