5 fun things to do in Madison this summer 2022

Summer is almost here, so it's almost time to come out of hibernation.....but what to do? Madison always has ton of outdoor activities, and when it rains there are workshops and of course we have tons of libraries and a couple wonderful museums.

1. UW Arboretum

The UW arboretum is such a special place in Madison. It is full of historic treasures the whole family can enjoy, and it is informational for all ages. Every month they offer family-friendly programs that will explore animals, plants, and natural phenomena through hikes, stories, crafts, and activities. The Family Nature Programs are held once during most months on Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. They combine a naturalist-led tour outdoors at 1 p.m, followed by activities starting at 2 p.m. Activities might be indoors or outdoors, this all depends on weather. This free programs is designed for families with children ages 3–11. You can also check thier website and events page to stay in the loop.

2. Olbrich Botanical Gardens

One of our favorite spots, Olbrich gardens is just a beautiful, peaceful, great for picture taking spot. It's right across from Monona lake. You can also visit their indoor conservatory for $6 and is free Wed-Saturday from 10am-12pm. They have tons of concerts and music, which is amazing in this natural setting surrounded by flowers, trees, beautiful landscape and nature. See their local events and stay on top of their upcoming activities such as Blooming Butterflies (our favorite) 

3. Sky Zone

This one is simply a no brainer. Kids have so much energy and this is the perfect place for them to stay active and they can have endless fun. Sky zone is the notoriously cool trampoline park. An appropriate place for ages 6-13 years old. They have passes for the activities you can choose from, food, snacks, and for adults they do serve alcohol. 

4. Wisconsin Historical Museum 

This museum has endless amounts of treasures that will keep you occupied hours for sure. Here is a copy of their About Us page. 

"The Wisconsin Historical Museum shares the stories behind Wisconsin’s heritage through exhibits featuring Native Nations and Tribes, the immigrant experience, frontier life, agriculture, industry, politics, and much, much more.

Enter a replica of a 1000-year-old house and examine a fur trade post. Walk into a lead mine and climb into a tractor cab. Discover the stories of Wisconsin’s political heritage, working lives, ethnic diversity, and sense of community. From educational and fun activities for kids to walking tours and lectures, the Wisconsin Historical Museum offers engaging events to suit every interest and age. Don’t miss the Museum Store and our unique Wisconsin products."  

They also have summer programs for your kiddo to enjoy!

5. Henry Vilas Zooo

Madisons iconic area for picnicing and seeing the beloved animals, Henry vilas zoo has over 800 animals including exhibits and indoor attractions. Of course they have a carousel and train. They have an extensive list of their animals so you know all the animals you get to meet ahead of time. You will not believe this- you can go behind the scenes at Henry Vilas Zoo!

Go get a closer look at how the zoo cares for the animals. Sign up for one of their Behind the Scenes tours and get to see an area of the zoo normally only seen by the animals and keepers. Gain some insider knowledge about our zoo, our animals, and our conservation work around the world. This is by far the coolest experiences you can have here!

Have Fun!

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