What can I expect from a professional maid service? 

When you pay for a service to be done you expect to get what you paid for right? But what exactly are you paying for when you hire a maid service for your house cleaning?

A standard house cleaning usually looks something like this:



-Dust, sanitize, and wipe all surfaces
-Make beds & change sheets
-Vacuum & Mop
-A check list is usually used in this process. ( We use a check list at Eco-Clean Madison)


-Scrub/disinfect toilet & bath
-Clean the vanity,sink, and floor
-Organize & fold towels
-(Organizing and folding towels may vary from place to place)

-We make sure your bathrooms look spotless and pay extra attention to these areas!


-Dust, sanitize, wipe all surfaces
-Clean outside of all appliances
-Scrub the sink

Additional Cleaning Services can be added on most of the time

If you would like something cleaned such as the inside of your oven or the inside of your refrigerator it is going to cost you a little bit of extra money. The average price for a refrigerator cleaning in 2015 was $78 and the average price of an oven cleaning was $83 .  Another additional service is cleaning the inside of your cup boards. This price will vary from location to location. If you are looking to get everything removed cleaned and reorganized it usually runs close to $100 , but if it is a move in or a move out cleaning where the cup boards are already empty and nothing needs to be organized the price will run closer to $50. Most Cleaning services have a move in move out package that includes all three of these services at a discounted rate due to the fact that there will be no organization involved.

Will I get the same Maid each time?

Most of the time you not get the same maid for each cleaning. A lot of companies send out teams to get work done as quickly as possible. This makes it hard for them to give you a high quality service on a consistent basis. Because lets face it, Some people just don’t care about your house they are just there for a pay check.

That is What makes Eco-Clean Madison different. We only hire professional’s that take cleaning seriously. We feel that by assigning you the same Maid for each house cleaning it allows us to ensure a job well done every time. This also motivates our team to work hard to earn your trust and build a relationship with each client. If we know exactly what you want we can deliver the best house cleaning in Madison WI !

In conclusion 

At the end of the day it is best to look around and find the best house cleaning service for you. If you don’t want a bunch of random strangers in your home you might want to find a professional maid service that will be able to send you the same professional each time. I know it can be hard to find that perfect person, but once you find them you will not want to let them go!

About the Author Jess

Hey, I'm Jess! I own a local cleaning business in Madison, WI and I also love writing about house cleaning and green cleaning products!