Air Filters And Your Homes’ Air Quality

by jessica - February 8, 2017

What’s an air filter?

Air filters are a vital part in your homes’ forced air. (Your heat and A/C.) Most homes have 2 filters. Their specific job is to remove bacteria like mold and other harmful particles, keeping your homes’ air quality clean. Air filters reduce allergens and often can prevent allergens in your home when changed regularly.

Why is an air filter important?

Air that is in your home passes through a filter, usually 2x an hour. Having clean air improves the health of your immune system, and reduces allergens like pollen and dust. Some other things that contaminate your homes’ air quality is a sneeze, a cough, and mold. Air filters help filter prevent these contaminants from re entering your air.

Change your air filters every 1-2 months. This ensures the best quality since like stated above, your air is filters 2x an hour!

Your filters do require a specific size.

air filters

What happens if your air filter is clogged?

If you go too long without changing your air filter, it affects your home’s heating and cooling system. Dust and debris build up restricts air flow causing your furnace to work harder, leading to a higher electric bill. Get the full breakdown here.

Where is your air filter located?

Your air filter can be located in several different places. To be honest, the best way to figuring it out if you don’t know is asking a professional. Air filters can be found many places. It’s important to change all of them. But the main filter you can change yourself is located somewhere that looks like this:

air filters


How do you know when it’s been too long?

  • You notice your electric bill is increasing. Due to your furnace having to over work itself, therefore it needs to draw more power.
  • Your home is always SO dusty so you have to dust often, if you have a house cleaning service like and your house cleaner also notices more dust build up, that also is a sign it’s time to replace them!
  • Decreased air flow in your vents- they aren’t pushing out air at all or very little.

It may seem like a lot to stay on top of, but in the long run, it saves you money and improves your health from maintaining clean air quality. You spend a lot of time inside your home, so the air is important to keep clean! And your maid service will thank you!