bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is not something you should avoid. We bathe, we use the toilet, we brush our teeth…I think it’s safe to say this is an area you WANT to keep clean. If you keep up with cleaning, it’s easier but life gets hectic and we fall behind sometimes. When you do, you should clean EVERYTHING top to bottom.

Here is my bathroom cleaning system.


Apply glass cleaner


Buff with a dry cloth-lint and streak free

Don’t forget to dust light fixtures

Counters and sink

Clear things off the counter

Apply cleaner

Wipe clean

Check for residue

Clean and wipe sink

Shine fixtures

Wipe bottles/things on counter-put back neatly


Remove bottles

Apply cleaner

Scrub tub and walls

Scrub any soap scum

Wipe shower walls, tub walls, tub floor and rim


Dry, put bottles/things back neatly

Dry fixtures and Polish


Apply toilet bowl cleaner

Swish and scrub under rim and in toilet bowl hole

Apply cleaner to the whole toilet

Wipe water tank and sides

Wipe toilet seat caps, wipe top and bottom of seat cover

Wipe top and bottom of toilet seat

Wipe toilet bowl lip and underside of the toilet bowl

Wipe base of toilet and floor seam and behind toilet

Wipe dry

Flush toilet

Don’t forget baseboard! Sweep or vacuum the floors and of course 🙂

Taking the time to clean your bathroom will make you feel good and assure a clean space to clean..well yourself!

Don’t forget the bath mats. If they are icky, wash them. Clean vents in the bathroom and exhaust fan. Hang towels nicely. Wipe towel and toilet paper holders. Wipe the outside of cabinets too! If you do one deep bathroom cleaning a month, that’s ok too! Letting ick and grime build up is when you get yourself in trouble! You can do it!

Check out another great bathroom cleaning checklist from this house cleaning service Calgary and check out this guide if you would rather MAKE some of your cleaning products to use!

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