Quick bathroom cleaning tips from a professional house cleaner

Keeping your bathrooms clean can be difficult if there is no structure or cleaning plan put in place. It’s the last thing you want to make a priority, but it needs to get done at least 1 time a month if not every other week. It becomes much easier if you incorporate these few tips.

Having a routine to keep your bathroom clean not only reduces personal stress, it gives you a piece of mind knowing the one place you use to maintain your own cleanliness and hygiene is in fact a clean area. Plus, if you entertain often, no one wants to use a dirty toilet.

As a house cleaner, I’ve cleaned hundreds of bathrooms. Here are a few tips that can make this cleaning chore…much more convenient. 

If you have a glass shower door, squeegee it after each use to control hard water build up. Find a product such as invisible glass found on amazon and apply after. 

Keep a roll of paper towel, a few cleaning cloths, a toilet brush, multi purpose spray and some gel bleach (for inside toilet) in a caddy under your sink or in a hallway closet nearby so you’re properly equipped. 

Keep your body towels, washcloths, hand towels and bath mats regularly laundered. They start to grow bacteria from being wet and will omit an odor.

Magic erasers, and dawn dish soap are a wonderful combo together for getting rid of grime and soap scum build up in standard tubs/showers, or even tile. 

Make sure to clean inside the toilet, the seat underneath and on top of the seat. Don’t forget the base of the toilet and make sure you regularly clean the floor surface on the sides of the toilet and behind the toilet.

After brushing your teeth, spray and rinse the sink out and take a paper towel to wipe up excess hair, toothpaste, soap etc. Doing this prevents a build up of grime in the long run!

Lastly, don’t let your bathroom trash overflow! Keep small trash bags with your cleaning caddy and when it’s full replace it with an empty bag.

As a professional house cleaner, these are things I do in my home that keeps our bathroom under control! If you want read more tips from professional house cleaners, check out this handy list of secrets from Redfin (we were featured in their article for our bathroom tips!)

About the Author Jessica

Hi, there! I am Jessica and have been professionally cleaning for 8 years. I love to talk about all things cleaning and caring for your home!