Best Cleaning Checklist

by jessica - August 4, 2016

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There are TONS of room-by-room cleaning checklists out there, but not all of them are as detailed as we may need them to be. I use my checklist as a mental guideline whenever I step into a house. Some people like a sheet with boxes to mark each task off, as they go.


Any way you want to maintain a checklist in personal preference 🙂


I wanted to share my checklist, because I decided to add all those details!


A VERY thorough Cleaning Checklist (not in specific order)




Kitchen Checklist:

  • Look for cobwebbs
  • Clean microwave inside and out
  • Sanitize counters with cleaner
  • Wipe down cabinets and hardware
  • Clean outside of ALL appliances big/small
  • Polish stainless steel appliances
  • Clean, sanitize sinks- if stainless steel, polish
  • SweepOR”hard surface” vacuum floors
  • Mop/Clean floors
  • Remove trash
  • Clean stove top thoroughly, clean grates.


Bathroom Checklist:

  • Clean toilet-from top to base, Scrub inside and clean/wipe outside
  • Clean/sanitize sinks- polish fixtures if necessary
  • Wipe products/ decor
  • Wipe outside cabinets
  • Scrub-(not too abrasive)/clean/sanitize tub and shower walls
  • Clean glass doors(rid of soap scum as best as you can) there ARE solutions for this, just research Pintrest is my source
  • Clean mirrors
  • Remove trash
  • Dust light fixtures, look for cobwebbs
  • SweepOR”hard surface” vacuum floors
  • Mop/Clean floors


Dining area:

  • Look for cobwebbs, dust light fixtures
  • Clean/Polish table and chairs- I wipe chair seats
  • Dust where necessary (decor, picture frames)
  • Vacuum any carpet/area rug
  • SweepOR”hard surface” vacuum floors
  • Mop/Clean floors

Living area:

  • Dust  then wipe tables,chairs, blinds, shelves, tv, entertainment center, picture frames, knickknacks
  • Dust lamps/light fixtures
  • Get any reachable cobwebbs
  • Straighten/organize things
  • Sweep or vacuum hard floors
  • Vacuum any carpets or area rugs
  • Clean any glass tops
  • Mop/Clean floors
  • Vacuum furniture if necessary(use attatchment)
  • Clean/Polish any wood
  • Wipe interior windows/dust window sill


Office/Work space:

  • Dust office equipment carefully
  • Dust surfaces
  • Wipe interior windows
  • Dust blinds
  • Vacuum any carpet and area rugs
  • Sweep/Vacuum hard surfaces
  • Mop/Clean floors



  • Vacuum stairs with attachment
  • Sweep/Vacuum hard floors
  • Mop/Clean floors
  • Dust any cobwebbs and baseboards


Laundry/utility area:

  • Clean washer/dryer exterior
  • Dust any cobwebbs
  • Clean laundry sink-if necessary
  • Vacuum Lint
  • Sweep floors
  • Mop/Clean floors
  • Wipe any counter space
  • Wipe exteriors of cabinets