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Madison technology is taking over

Technology is taking over our lives day by day. Seriously, walk down the street and you will see human beings with their smart phones out trying to catch a pikichu!

With all of these advancements in modern day technology there is a massive increase in internet users. We use the internet for everything! Shopping, entertainment, interaction, work, dating, uber, and much more.

So why are we so behind on Tech in Madison? 

Like everything else in this country the trends start on the coasts. Well, Tech has finally made it’s way to the service industry in you home town! Eco Clean Madison is a marketing platform that works with the best house cleaning professionals in town. Rather than hiring people that just “need a job” we work hand and hand with in order to bring you the best!

A lot of companies have an extremely high turnover rate, and for good reason. It takes a special person to take pride in their work each and every time they step foot into your home. By working with Maid business association, we are able to work with seasoned professionals. Wouldn’t you like your housekeeper to be experienced and ready to handle your exact needs?

“Of course!”

We make it simple to book 

All you have to do is head over to our homepage to schedule your home cleaning service online. Yes, you can schedule your appointment directly online. We allow you to completely customize your cleaning, schedule, and pay right from the comfort of your home.

No more waiting around for an in home estimate or getting over charged for an “hourly cleaning”. I mean seriously, do you think someone is trying to be as efficient as possible if they are getting paid by the hour? The answer is: probably not!

Our flat rate pricing makes it easy

Customize your cleaning, See your price, Pick a day/time, and prepare for a clean home 🙂

No need to worry about leaving a check on the counter. We will charge your card the day of your cleaning and an invoice will be sent via email. You can always add extras or leave us special instructions in the notes using your log in.

We will be adding other services in the near future with the goal to be the number one service company in the Greater Madison area!

We wanted to thank all of our clients for their support. It is because of you that we are able to grow. We will be forever grateful and look forward keeping you happy for years to come!

About the Author Jess

Hey, I'm Jess! I own a local cleaning business in Madison, WI and I also love writing about house cleaning and green cleaning products!