Campus Sustainability Ideas

by Brianne Nickerson - January 24, 2018

It’s pretty simple to maintain a “green lifestyle” by adjusting awareness and behavior. We are always searching for better way to make an impact on the environment. Universities have been making a big effort to “go green” with environmental sustainability projects. These are the changes that we need to make to continues making strides in a positive direction.

Here are some simple ways that people are going green, and you should too! Start a group, bring it up at your school, or start with just you! Even the smallest differences can make an impact.

1)  Take notes electronically: Ditch those paper notebooks and planners. Think about using your laptop to take notes and make an electronic calendar. You’ll have less to carry around too!


2) Purchase reusable bags: These aren’t just for groceries! Use these bags to carry your class supplies.

3) Recycle: This one you have heard about forever and is still one of the most effective sustainability tactics. If your building does not have a bin available simply request one.

4) Check your lighting: LED or CFL bulbs are not only a better light source, but use less electricity today! You can pick these up from target! What a simple change to make!

5) Use real dishes and towels: Plastic and paper products are pure wasteful! Invest in a set of plates and silverware for your place, and ditch the paper towel for a dish towel!

6) Invest in one good water bottle: Stop buying and using plastic water bottles. There are so many reusable bottles on the market that everyone should be using. My Personal favorite is Swell, it keeps my drinks cold for 24 hours! I take it everywhere with me!

7) Buy green : Figure out what products out there are good for the environment! Sit down and do some research before you go pick up your laundry detergents and hair products. Believe it or not there are a lot of choices out there, and there are a large chuck that are no good!

8) Switch textbook styles:  Instead of buying a brand new book, try and buy a used book or even the digital copy! And you won’t have to lug that heavy book around anymore.

9) Use less water: Cut down on the amount of time that you are spending in the shower! I’m sure we could all cut a couple minutes off our daily routine. Flip the faucet off while brushing your teeth and washing your face as well. I didn’t realize how long I was letting the water run while I wasn’t using it until I started paying attention.

10) Create a campus garden: Start planting your favorite flowers and veggies! Not only a  great way to enhance the beauty, but to create a source of food! There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes from the garden!

These are just 10 ways that you can start going green on your campus or school! Creating knowledge about ways to help the environment is the only way to spread the word and help our land. Get started today! Remember we all have to start somewhere!