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Your Carbon Footprint-5 Ways To Conserve it

by jessica - February 7, 2017

Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t as hard as it sounds. Just making a few changes helps the environment. Taking small steps is all that’s needed. It’s hardly going out of your way. Your carbon footprint represents the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the air, from the result of your everyday activities. A lot of people believe this contributes to climate change. It costs almost nothing to make changes. It’s all about conserving energy. See the breakdown on energy consumption in your household here!

carbon footprint

1. Unplug cords when not in use

Did you know when you leave all your chargers and cords plugged in, they all are still drawing power? It was recently I heard this. I started to unplug all my plugs after I was done using them. It made my electric bill $10.28 lower each month. I figured, at least it paid off! It’s one of the smallest steps towards reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Using laptops

Instead of getting a desktop computer (unless necessary), go with getting a few good quality laptops. Computers consume an alarming amount of energy, compared to a laptop.

3. Heating your car in winter

I understand going out to a coooold car in winter, is not fun. But the reality is, it releases carbon monoxide(poisonous gas)  into the outside atmosphere. It’s also terrible for your car. Unless it’s between -0 and single digits…don’t idle your engine! It will warm as you drive 🙂

4. Be sustainable around your home

Ever heard of solar panels? Solar energy is energy straight from the sun. Solar panels draw sunlight so it’s best to install them in areas around your home that draw the most sunlight. Though it doesn’t help at night, you are still drawing natural reusable energy all day long. Another thing is you can do is let that fresh air in! When there is a breeze, the sun is warm and it’s about 60 degrees out- open those windows instead of running the A/C.

5. Biking

When the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day out, biking is a refreshing choice of transportation. You aren’t releasing any gas, you save money on gas from not having to gas your car as often, and it’s a great way to exercise. It may require investing in a good quality bike, specially made for your comfort. But, it’s worth it!

That’s Clean Maids does their part to reduce their carbon footprint by never using paper towel. If you have a maid service, make sure they use natural products such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Cleaning with natural cleaning products rather than conventional products eliminates chemicals being released inside your home which decreases the quality of your air.

It really doesn’t take much to reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, there at the least 25 ways! Pass this on to your family. Every little change is nothing but beneficial to your health!