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CitraSolv cleaning solutions

by Kyle - June 10, 2016

CitraSolv concentrated valencia orange degreaser is an absolute life changer! And, this was the first product that started CitraSolv.

Eco Cleaning Madison

Not only does it smell like a freshly peeled orange, it cuts through grime and grease like you wouldn’t believe. It comes in a prediluted all purpose mixture too. If you want to try the concentrated version, it is available at CitraSolv Online Store. (Following CitraSolv recommended measurement chart a bottle lasts me 6 months, and I use it on a daily basis.)

Eventually, I went on to opening a cleaning business, and of course I included CitrSolv in my list of products. I use it as a true all purpose cleaner tackling anything from microwaves, stove tops, floors, and conditons woodwork. CitraSolv contains natural essential oils and does not use any artifical fragrences.

Okay so,

I absolutely love the valencia orange degreaser and wanted to try a few more of their products. 😍

homesolv an eco-friendly glass/window cleaner. Homesolv uses the power of real citrus extracts, essential oils and vinegar leaving a streak free finish everytime. Use it on glass, counters, chrome, appliances and more.

“This is a great product and can be used to clean virtually anything.”

Then one day while on their website, I saw they had an all natural air freshner that was non-aerosol! The ingredients in the orange scented freshner: ( Limonene (the clear liquid from the peel of the orange, food grade), Concentrated Orange Oil blend)  are amazingly simple and non toxic; when comparing it to Glade type brands of air freshners. I couldn’t believe that finally, a company created an air freshner healthy for your home and for the environment. There are 4 scents, Vanilla, Lavender, Orange and Lime. Personally, I chose to purchase the Orange and Lime scents, as they work wonders to purify the air. I strongly recommend trying this air freshner, it’s one of a kind and you will never want to use anything anything else!

Coming from a person who uses CitraSolv daily, I am urging you to try a few of there products!

The last thing that sold me on purchasing from CitraSolv was there company background. I, personally, am a strong supporter of small and upcoming businesses that truly… just want to make their customers happy. The founders, Steve and Melissa, have an awesome page that speaks directly to their consumers. Obviously, I’ve never met them…but their “About Us” page, makes me trust the makers and their products. If you’re unhappy with their product for some reason…send it back for a full refund. But their satisfaction is always guaranteed. I remember reading and they specifically say “Our Customers are king. And that means you.” CitraSolv products are cruelty-free and just became USDA approved.

If you live in Madison, WI…I get my CitraSolv from my local Willy Street Co-op.

So, if you’re looking for a green cleaning product…THAT WORKS…I can honestly say CitraSolv will not let you down.