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5 Things Your Cleaning Caddy Must Have

by jessica - January 31, 2017

5 things your cleaning caddy must have, is just a recommendation of what the professionals at Eco Clean Madison have tried, and found necessary to have at every cleaning.   The world of house cleaning products and equipment is vast, therefore we should always be trying new solutions. Finding effective methods to common cleaning problems is always a win!

Here are 5 things in our cleaning caddy that we are always thankful for:

  1. Melamine Foam (Mr.Clean Magic Erasers)

Melamine foam is what Mr. Clean’s magic erasers are made of, only this one we found on Amazon are way more durable and last a lot longer…also, the ones from Amazon come 50 in a pack versus Mr. Clean’s 8 in a box.

2. Glass Cleaning Cloth

Does anyone else hate that leftover lint on your mirror? I know we do! We decided to try these glass cleaning cloths and they work wonders. The best part is, they last up to 300 washes. That’s a long time! We wash ours once a week since it only is used after the mirror is already clean.

cleaning caddy

3. Degreaser

It can be hard finding a degreaser that actually cuts grease. As you may know, orange essential oil is amazing at cutting grease. We also prefer concentrated cleaners because concentrated formulas last longer. Our degreaser of choice is called CitraSolv. We add more orange oil to the diluted solution.

4. Stainless Steel Polish

We refuse to use anything else on stainless steel but a polish specific for the surface. We have tried out LOTS of brands, all have different end results. There were two products for stainless steel that really wow’ed us each time we used it. One is ECOS pro. A little goes a long way, and it comes in a spray bottle. We also found some amazing wipes. 

5. Scrub Daddies

Scrub daddy sponges are pretty unique. In hot water, it softens, in cold water it becomes firm. This is perfect for controlling how coarse you need the scrubber. We use scrub daddies on the stove, the tub, glass shower doors, and sinks. There are lots of different models to the scrub daddy as well. 🙂 Check them out on Amazon. 


When cleaning someone else’s home, you always want to make sure you are taking extreme care and using the right products. It’s also important to have the “best of the best” when it comes to products. Certain products are essential to making the job easier for you too. The cleaners at The Cleaning Tribe also understand the importance of using necessary products to perform a job well done!