Customer Service Tips For House Cleaning Companies

by jessica - March 3, 2017

Customer Service Tips for House Cleaning Companies

customer service tips for house cleaning companies

Having excellent customer service is crucially important for every small business. Companies that are unable or unwilling to properly provide positive service to their customers, stand to lose business. Certain characteristics set excellent customer service apart from average customer service. A company that best demonstrates these excellent customer service characteristics will have an empowering advantage over its competition. I wanted to share my customer service tips for house cleaning companies that have worked for me time and time again. 

Why is customer service so important?

Since you have to deal with clients face to face or over the phone, you have to be prepared to answer any questions your consumer may have about your service. You have to be knowledgeable about the tasks that are performed, you have to be able to break down your prices so people understand what you are charging for, and you also need to have excellent customer service when people reach out to you either on the phone or through an email. If you sound annoyed, or if you sound like you don't care about earning their business, chances are they aren't going to have the greatest impression. The tone of your email should be professional and inviting.

Your clients aren’t JUST buying your service, they are speaking and working with you. You are supposed to represent your company. If you represent your company in a good way, your customers will remember your company fondly, and you will maintain clients. If you represent your company in a negative way, you’ll probably lose customers and this will prevent your company from growing.

It will help you increase customer loyalty, once you get a client you have to keep them satisfied and maintain their trust-an essential part of customer service is earning someones trust. 

It increases the amount of money someone is willing to pay if you have great reviews about the quality of your cleaning​. They are more tempted to add that deep clean!

It increases how often someone wants your service. If you have the best reviews, and great detailed pictures to justify your quality of work, people will be attracted to your service.

Excellent customer service will lead to positive word of mouth. If someone is very satisfied with the attitude of your cleaners and their attention to detail, they will be more likely to refer you to someone looking for a house cleaning service. 

If you are known for delivering great client care, and have quality cleaners, people who hear about your services will be less hesitant to book a cleaning with you.

​Treating your customers with respect. You don't judge them. You take care of their home. You aren't careless by damaging or scratching things in their home.

What Does Excellent Customer Service Look Like?

You follow up and make sure they are happy with their cleaning. Your cleaners maintain tasks like wiping outside of cabinets and keeping the corners of floors free of build up​.

You handle complaints gracefully. You try your best to correct the problem.

Understanding their specific needs and wants.

Exceeding your clients' expectations is a must.

Going out of your way to do extra tasks like making a bed quick. ​

Tips To Provide Excellent Customer Service

Know your products and your industry. Keeping up with the best cleaning products that are safe for you, your client, and their family as well as their pets. You'll need to invest in the best equipment to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Being friendly and polite all the time. Honesty goes a long way too.

Listen to their needs. Listening is one of the most simple secrets of customer service. Listening means hearing what your customers are saying out loud, as well as what they are communicating non-verbally.

Make sure you have clear communication skills. Establish an expectations and enforce your terms of service. Be honest about what you will and will not do.

Time management! Be respectful of your time in their home. Be mindful of being on time and reminding them of their appointment.

We trust will treat you with the most excellent customer service when they are caring for your home. 

Book a house cleaning service with these charicteristics of excellent customer service, and you'll never be disappointed! 

customer service tips for house cleaning companies