February 20, 2016

PVC is one of those inexpensive construction materials that is easy to cut, paint, drill, glue which allows you to get super creative with your projects. You can purchase straight tubes of different sizes, and matching connectors as well, so there is a wide variety of options! I purchase mine from our local Menards or Home Depot. Doing projects in my spare time is a hobby I truly enjoy, so I’m always looking for new ways to keep my home fun by handmade decorations!

-Here is one project that I, myself, tried and have really worked organization- wise for me.

Made for inside a cabinet or a open space that needs to be filled! It is inspired by Martha Stewart!

Here are the needed materials:

-Hacksaw(you can find these at any local hardware store)

-4 inch PVC pipe IMPORTANT: you do need to know the depth of your cabinet area choice

-220 grit sandpaper works best


-indoor/outdoor all-purpose spray primer(I use Krylon)

-industrial self-adhesive velcro(can be found in craft stores)


Ready…set…DIY! 🙂

-Use your hacksaw to cut lengths of the PVC to fit the depth of your cabinet or shelf, or you can ask the hardware store to do it for you.

-Sand the edges smooth. Clean the outside of the pipe with acetone..this helps remove any oils. Oils prevent the paint from adhering.

-spray pipe with primer. Let dry. Spray them with spray paint(I like to use Rustomleum, or Krylon brands)

-Once the pipes dry, apply industrial self-adhesive velcro to the base inside cabinet, and apply to the pvc pipes as seen in the lovely example picture above!

I love good wines and I love the idea of crafting with different materials. PVC piping is durable, versatile(there are so many ways to organize and decorate using PVC pipes) Try It!



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