Get Nail Polish off… ANYTHING!

by Brianne Nickerson - January 11, 2018

Spills happen… well in my case they are a daily occurance. With three little girls running around it is constant splats and crashes, especially when it come to things you’d prefer wouldn’t! Nail polish is one of the worst! The girls love to get there nails done in their favorite colors, but my home tends to get painted along the way. The wet nails find their way to my couches, pillows, tables, and occasional knock over the whole bottle when I turn around for the slightest second.

Here are five surfaces that are the constant victim in my home, and how to ensure that polish comes off of your beloved kitchen table!



NEVER EVER use nail polish remover on finished wood! You will have a larger

problem than you began with. It will take the finish right off your wood leaving

horrible discoloration. The trick is mineral spirits. Pour some onto a rag and

continuously wipe over the polish. After the polish is gone, make sure you wash

the area very well so the product is not soaking into your floors or tables.


Clear acetone is your answer! A lot of them are colored so make sure you pick up

clear. You don’t want to push the polish into the carpet. If it’s still wet place

something absorbent on it to soak up any excess. Do not pour the acetone

directly on the carpet instead opt to pour some onto a rag and begin to dab. This

will take awhile so be patient and keep dabbing gently.


If the polish is still wet lay a paper towel on top to absorb as much as possible. If

you’re worried about the polish seeping through to the other side place paper

between the layers. Then again use acetone and dab until the stain is gone. If it

is a small stain use a Q-Tip instead of a rag.

If the polish is dry first try holding an ice pack on the stain. The cold should cause

the lacquer to harden so you are able to break or scrap it off. You can also try

using tweezer to pick it off or a toothbrush to brush it if the polish is in flecks.

After you’ve gotten as much as you can off with this method use the dabbing

method with a rag or Q-Tip.

Your Phone –

Acetone can melt plastic so do not use that! If the polish doesn’t chip off don’t

use sharp objects that could damage your phone. Goo Gone is what we are

going to use in this case! This stuff is nasty so do not get it on yourself or anyone

else. Use a very little amount… this should do the job.


This is one that I don’t have an exact solution for. The only thing that I have

gotten to somewhat work on these surfaces is dabbing a non-acetone remover

on it. I have had luck with this sometimes taking the whole stain away and

        sometimes just minimizing it.



I hope this five surface tips help you through your darkest polish stains! And if you are like me and could use a little help around the house, book a professional cleaning today! They will leave your house feeling new! A fresh start to the day and a time saver for you!