Home Hacks: 5 Must Try DIY Cleaning Supplies

by Brianne Nickerson - March 2, 2018

Simple ingredients from your pantry can be used to make eco-friendly cleaning products for your home! I was sick and tired of buying products to clean my home with that were full of chemicals and ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce. Not to mention the awful odors that can along with them! Why was I cleaning my home for my family to now be surrounded by chemicals instead of dirt? Was I helping or hindering my family with the choices that I was making in my daily cleaning routines?

That was the day that I was determined to research and discover natural products that I could swap these products out for! Little did I know that the majority of these items were located right in my home! Items like baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap all made the list. I then went on to learn a little more about each one!

  1. Vinegar: mild disinfectant, grease cutter, descaler, and glass cleaner
  2. Dish soap: neutral pH, gentle and safe on essentially every surface, can lift off dirt and grime.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide: naturally occurring bleach, uses oxygen to break bonds between dirt and bacteria and the surface they are on. A great disinfectant, stain remover, and natural whitener.
  4. Baking soda: abrasion, deodorizing, great for replacing a scouring powder.
  5. Rubbing alcohol: at least 65% USP in order for it to qualify as a disinfectant. Can be mixed with water.

Not only do these recipes call for simple ingredients, but the recipes are simplistic as well! Here are my must try 5 DIY products!

  1. Glass Cleaner:

-1 Part water

-1 Part vinegar

Yes! It’s that easy! Use it to clean windows and mirrors. I suggest using a microfiber

towel or newspaper to wipe. Don’t worry the vinegar smell won’t linger.

2) Disinfectant:

-1 Part water

-1 Part rubbing alcohol

Use to spray and leave after you’ve cleaned a surface. Use on items like cutting boards,

counter tops, and bathrooms.

3) All-Purpose Cleaner:

-1 bottle of water

-1 tbsp of dish soap

This is great for all surfaces! I mostly use it in the kitchen, bathroom, and furniture. If you

are finding residue on anything reduce the amount of dish soap.

4) Tub and Tile Cleaner/ Degreaser:

-1 part vinegar

-1 part dish liquid

Spray on the area you are looking to clean. Let sit for 5 minutes and start to clean. Use

for soap scum on tiles and glass and even greasy kitchens!

5) Stain Remover:

-2 parts hydrogen peroxide

-1 part dish soap

This may be my absolute favorite out of the five! Just spray on the stain, rub it in, and

rinse it out. It can be used as a pre-treatment as well.

*Make sure to test the solution on an old rag or something first to make sure the mixture

isn’t too strong because it may discolor.*

Amazing, isn’t it? Simple pantry items can become part of your new cleaning routine! Say bye, bye to unwanted chemicals in your home. Keep you and your family safe with your new secret ingredients. 🙂