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Things to look for in a house cleaning company

There are many things to look for when hiring a cleaning company. The question is: Whats most important to you?

Do you want a cleaning company that is cheap or one that is trusted? In my experience, you get what you pay for!

How do you find a service you can trust?

There are millions of cleaning companies in the world. It can be hard to find the perfect person to care for your home. Whether you are looking for a cleaning service in Sydney or cleaning service in Madison these questions can help you find the right company for you.

Are they bonded and insured? 

It is important for a cleaning company to be insured. If something happens inside your home, you definitely do not want to be responsible. Plus, it is nice to know that if something is broken it will be replaced!

Do they guarantee the work?

A lot of great cleaning companies guarantee their work. This shows that they are confident in the services and care about their customers. I love when a company stands behind their work!

Are they easy to get in touch with?

A cleaning company should be easy to get in touch with. It is important to be able to communicate with someone in order for them to meet your needs. Many house cleaning services have an option for you to book online. This makes it easy for you to customize your cleaning to your exact needs. (Without having to wait around for an in home estimate.)

Do you need them to bring supplies?

Some companies bring all of their own supplies, while others do not. It is usually listed on a companies website, so consideration that when you are checking prices. I personally like to use a cleaning company that brings their own supplies. They are the professionals and know what works best!

These are the most important things to find out before hiring your new cleaning company. If they are protected and easy to work with, odds are they will do a great job. The “guarantee” is always a bonus as well. (You have to love a company that stands behind the work they do!)

Good luck finding that perfect house cleaning company!

About the Author Jess

Hey, I'm Jess! I own a local cleaning business in Madison, WI and I also love writing about house cleaning and green cleaning products!

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  1. I totally agree when you said that the home cleaning services should be easily to contact, so we can communicate our needs with them. I will call various companies and see how they respond to help me pick the best one to hire this weekend. My husband and I agreed that we let experts clean our home at least once a month to reach areas we never though we might need to access to actually make our property safe and hygienic.

  2. I want to make sure that I get my home cleaned, but I just don't have the time to do it myself. It makes sense that working with a house cleaner would be beneficial! I'll be sure to work with a house cleaning specialist who has a lot of experience with this kind of thing.

  3. It got me when you said that the house cleaning company has to be insured to give us the assurance that they will be responsible when anything happens. I will keep that in mind when I look for people to hire this weekend, so my house will be prepared before guests come over. It's because I will be hosting a dinner party for my birthday and invited my friends to celebrate it with me at home.

  4. Thanks for pointing out that the residential cleaning company should be insured to give us the assurance that they will be responsible if things happen during their procedures. I will keep that in mind when I start looking for cleaning services this weekend to help me. I need their expertise to make our place look better and prepared before guests come over, especially when my in-laws will be coming around as well.

  5. I never thought about seeing if they're easy to get in touch with. My brother was at my house yesterday afternoon for lunch, and he talked about how he's been thinking of hiring a cleaning service for his home since he works all the time. I'll pass this information along to him so he can know what to search for when hiring a house cleaning company.

  6. It helped when you said that you could hire a cleaning service that is insured to ensure a safe cleaning process for your home. My sister told me last week that she was planning a major cleaning for their home due to a long time without general cleaning. She asked if I had any idea what would be the best option to achieve a clean environment. Thanks to this helpful article. I'll tell her that it will be much better if she consults trusted cleaning services as they can provide more information about how their cleaning process works.

  7. I'm glad you mentioned that you should find one who is easy to contact. My sister was at my house last night for dinner, and she talked about how she wants to hire a cleaning company for her home since she plans on putting it up for sale in December. I'll pass this information along to her so she can know how to find a good cleaning company!

  8. Thank you for emphasizing the significance of an insured cleaning business, as you certainly do not want to be held liable if an incident occurs inside your property. My sister wants to have a party at her house. I'll advise her to engage insured janitorial services to clean her home.

  9. Thank you for mentioning that many house cleaning services allow you to book online. My mother plans to have a home party, but she is concerned that she will not have time to clean the house. I'll assist my mother in researching and booking janitorial cleaning services online.

  10. Thanks for pointing out that we need to make sure that the company is insured and bonded, so they will be responsible for things that might get damaged in the process. I will keep that in mind when we move into our new home, since we might need help with the chimney of our fireplace. We never had a house with that feature before which is why it would be better to hire chimney cleaning services when we need them instead.

  11. It's great to know that there are house cleaning companies that will bring their own supplies with them. I hope to find a company that does that so that I don't have to worry about buying the products needed. Hopefully, I can hire one before this month ends, because I need the property ready for guests who are going to stay for a weekend with us in February.

  12. I like that you talked about hiring professional cleaning services that are bonded and insured, because it would mean that they will be responsible if anything happens in the process. I will look for that before hiring anyone, because I think there are accidents that are really unexpected no matter how careful we might be. So it will also be for my peace of mind if I know that the insurance provider of the company I will hire will cover the expenses of damaged items and get them fixed in no time.

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