Keeping Your Home Clutter Free!

Everyone wants to keep their home nice and clean, but it can really seem like a never ending task. The kids get home and start playing with all their toys, the dishes don’t do themselves, and if your husband is anything like mine you find dirty socks in the most random places. So what can you do to make things easier around the house?

The best thing you can do is pass on some of the responsibility to your family. After all it is a lot easier when everyone picks up after themselves. By creating a checklist for the house cleaning duties and assigning a family member to each job it makes this a lot easier. On top of that it teaches your young ones a sense of responsibility !

I know all you other moms work hard making sure everything gets done around the house. Since we love our family more than anything we want to keep them safe when they are taking care of there house cleaning responsibilities. Using Green Cleaning supplies can put a caring mother at ease knowing her kids aren’t handling any harsh chemicals!

Let’s Make our own

Here you will find a ton of different recipes for making your own natural house cleaning products.

The advantages to making your own products is it can save you some money. You can simply use vinegar mixed with water , or you can look at some of the ideas in the article above to make products for each aspect of your cleaning. Another great advantage to making your own products is You can control exactly what is in it. I love knowing that I can eliminate all of the toxins associated with the traditional house cleaning products and let the kids go crazy when they are helping out!

I understand everyone has a busy life and keeping things clean can be a daunting task.These tips are a good start but if you are still having trouble keeping your home in tip top shape you can always get a little bit of extra help. Eco Clean Madison serves southwest Wisconsin and if you happen to be in the in Flint, MI you can get in touch with our friend Ray over at Maids in a Minute.

I hope you can find a few good natural cleaning solutions here and get the whole family involved!

About the Author Jess

Hey, I'm Jess! I own a local cleaning business in Madison, WI and I also love writing about house cleaning and green cleaning products!