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Make the Change to DIY Home Scents!

by Brianne Nickerson - November 30, 2017

I’ll admit it! I was one of those people who loved artificial scents! Air fresheners, candles, scented soaps they were all my kryptonite. Multiple products made their way home with me every trip to the store. My cabinets overflowed with half full products, not only was this getting to be an expense, but I realized I didn’t really know what I was sending into the air of my home.

I decided to turn over a product and see for myself what was in my favorite scents. I discovered that the majority of them were full of chemicals that could be harmful for my family and pets! I couldn’t continue to keep these around my loved ones, but I couldn’t give up on my love of scents either! I need to find a natural and safe solution…FAST!

I was quick to learn that there has always been a simple and inexpensive solution right in front of me! Who knew that using up things you have around the house, and picking up some inexpensive items you could have an amazing smelling home!

Here are some of my new favorites!


1) Lemon- Rosemary Simmer Pot


I loved that idea of a simmer pot immediately, but was a little skeptical on the

lemon-rosemary scent. If you feel the same… TRY IT! I fell in love with this scent!

It is one of my go-tos!

What you’ll need:

1) Fill stock pot ⅔ way up with water

2) Add one sliced lemon and a few sprigs of rosemary

3) Add ½ tbs of vanilla extract

4) Let simmer all day!

This will make your home smell incredible… TRUST ME! You can use the same mixture for 2 days, but then dump and make a new batch.

2)  Scented Wood Blocks

This sounded a bit crazy to me at first, but wow, did these blow my mind! It was

amazing to me that these kept my bathrooms smelling delightful, and were so simple

to make!

What you’ll need:

-Wood Blocks

-Scented Oil (I use Lavender Essential Oil)

-Small Paint Brush

1) Paint each block with the scented oil of your choice

2) After covering them, feel free to add extra oil to them

3) Shake it up to make sure they are all coated

4) Let them sit overnight so everything is absorbed

That’s it! Then you can refresh your blocks anytime by adding more oil.

3) Gel Air Freshener

I absolutely LOVE these! The store bought ones were always one of my must haves, so I

was relieved when I found a natural solution for my guilty addiction!

What you’ll need:

Heat proof jars (I use mason jars)

-4 packages of unflavored gelatin

-Food coloring


-Essential Oils

1) Prepare and clean jars. This recipe will work for one pint size jar or you can use

several small ones.

2) Add a couple drops of food coloring and about 30 drops of your chosen essential


3) Boil 1 cups of water on the stove and mix in the gelatin

4) Constantly whisk the mix so it doesn’t clump

5) Once dissolved, mix in 1 cup of cold water and 1 tbsp of salt

6) Pour into jar and stir

7) Let it sit overnight until the gel is set

Then feel free to decorate the jars how you would like, and sit back and enjoy your

naturally scented home!


Yes! There is a replacement for your beloved aerosol sprays, and you get to create your


What you’ll need:

-16 oz spray bottle


-Dried Basil

-Coffee Filter


– 1 tbsp Alcohol (vodka)

– 5 drops of Essential Oils: Lemon for this recipe!

  1. In a small pot, bring ½ cup water to a boil.
  2. Add 4 tbsp of dried basil to the pot and let it seep for a couple minutes
  3. In another pot, bring another ¾ cup of water to a boil
  4. Line your funnel with a coffee filter, and place funnel in open spray bottle
  5. Pour in the basil water mixture (making sure the filter catches the basil)
  6. Remove the filter
  7. Pour in boiling water, vodka, and essential oil
  8. Put the top on and shake to mix!

I hope you find these recipes as helpful as I did! 🙂 I now have a beautifully scented home that is safe for my family! What more could you ask for?