I recently read that 87% of Americans don’t eat their recommended daily serving of fruits, and 91% don’t eat their recommended serving of vegetables. On average, we eat 1 1/2 cups to 2 cups… where the recommended serving is 5-9 cups as the minimum. Fruits and vegetables are a crucial part of how we get our vitamins and minerals to help keep our inside organs healthy as well as our hair, skin and nails. Digestive problems are very common, and with certain grains and seeds added to the smoothie, you can cure most common digestive issues.


When I learned all this and then realized I was in fact part of the statistic that fell short of getting their proper servings, I wanted to change that.

I love smoothies! But unfortunately, they’re really tasty because people add ice cream, yogurts with lots of sugar, or too much sugar in general. Milk is ok, but I prefer non-dairy alternatives to cut calories and fat. (Making the whole smoothie thing, a lot healthier.)


My smoothies consist of a green- Kale, baby spinach or a little avocado. Avocado adds creaminess as well! I add well-ripened bananas or a well-ripened mango…or both 🙂 Sometimes I do a mango strawberry banana, banana, mango and orange, banana and berries and mixed berries flavored smoothies.


Then I use Chobani brand regular or vanilla yogurt. For liquids, coconut milk OR almond milk. Some use cashew milk, hemp milk…if you have ever gone to a local health food store, you will already know all the dairy- alternative milk choices, I prefer coconut and almond because it has less fat and calories and in some ways a lot healthier for my skin. I also buy BoatHouse brand 100% carrot juice and add 1/4 cup to my smoothie.


I use hemp seeds and chia seeds. I don’t usually mix them because I think each seed belongs in only certain flavors of smoothies.


I have a $20.00 blender that works amazingly. You can find it here.

When using fresh fruit, you should always add ice. Using frozen fruits, in my opinion,  is more convenient.

Put it all in the blender, and mix it up 🙂 My blender has a specific setting for fruit smoothies so I just turn that on and mix well!

Healthy Smoothie making


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