Getting your security deposit back 

Whether you are renting a home or leasing an apartment, there is always a security deposit put down. Security deposits are usually big bucks and if you knew there was a chance to get your money back when you move out…wouldn’t you?! I know I would!

The main thing (not the only thing) to getting your security deposit back involves the condition you leave the place in when you are moved out. Usually, the landlord or leasing office gives you a checklist of things that need to be cleaned after you vacate the space. Here is a common property management checklist.

Move in and Move out cleaning for homeowners

Now if someone owned the home and is selling it, either the realtor will find a cleaning company to prepare the home for the new homeowners or, the current homeowners trying to sell the house will make sure to get it cleaned  and prepared before it is sold.

In some unfortunate cases, neither the realtor nor the previous homeowner will do it. Then that becomes a move in cleaning. The new homeowners will prepare their new home for themselves.

The cleaning checklist

All types of move in/move outs require a very thorough job, especially since there is no furniture to work around. One checklist can fit all types, but it is important to make sure everything that should be done, is getting done. It is also a bonus to find a cleaning service that provides before and after images to justify their work. This shows they obtain the ability to go above and beyond making areas look new again.



If you are subleasing and “moved  out” but you are providing a furnished place for new tenants, then it would be a great idea to get something like a deep clean service. It takes a bit of extra time and detail to get it nice and clean for the next person, and you want to make sure those details are getting done so they don’t build up. In this circumstance, ask about the deep cleaning service.Move in/Move out cleaning checklist


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