Having the best vacuum, is key to a thourough cleaning. Maintaining clean carpets and floors is very important to keep a healthy home.

To find the best vacuum, there are three things to keep in mind.  Motorized brushes, life-long suction and the filters.

A bonus to having the BEST vacuum, is finding one that can adjust according to the surface it comes across.

One day, an info-mercial came on and..well, I guess I watched it because I was looking to invest in new vacuum cleaner. (I say invest because like most things, you get what you pay for.) And this was going to be an investment.

When the advertised product was the Shark® Rotator® Powered® Lift-Away® vacuum, I was actually sold. It had exactly what makes “the best vacuum.”

It had the motorized brush. Motorized brushes have been proven to get deep withing the carpet pile to suck up dust and debris, which may otherwise be left in the carpet. It has an extra motor that powers those brushes at the head. Not to mention it came with some really cool attachments including one for pet beds and furniture.

Other vacuums have brushes at the head, but they are powered just by the suction of the vacuum. The cheaper and smaller the vacuum, will not have a large enough motor to generate as powerful of suction.

I know people say that if they don’t have a big space, or kids, or pets…they don’t need a more expensive vacuum. But your house still generates lots of dust especially in between your carpets and hard surfaces get super dusty in certain places(so you want to include a dust mop in your cleaning routine.) If you have a bad habit of wearing shoes in the house (that aren’t specifically shoes for the house) chances are your floors will be pretty dirty.

Purchasing one Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuum for your home, is a for sure way to remove allergens that develope from dust particles. Shark has the same HEPA filter everyone claims is the only thing you will need to trap those allergens, but if you don’t have their cannister that has special sealed technology, then all that dust and debris isn’t actually sealed. Shark even installed LED lighting at the head of the vacuum, and on the wand (good for corners and hard to reach(and see!) places! Even if you do have the light on, it’s still possible to miss A LOT of hair and debris. But this LED light, will quickly become your best friend, ensuring you that EVERYTHING, even things you can not see, is picked up and you can rest assured knowing everything really IS all clean!


Time after time, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away has kept my carpets AND hard surfaces so clean, I can feel it under my feet. The 3 options I have are: High pile/thick area rugs. Low pile, and Hard floor. The hard floor setting works wonders in sucking up all those crumbs and hair. The light makes it so much easier finding all that debris!

For normal carpeting, (not thick/shag), I use low to get those perfect lucious lines!

For my thicker area rugs, and thicker carpeting, I use the highest setting….that way I know those motorozed brushes are getting deep within the carpet!

I don’t like selling people things I am not educated on, but trust me…coming from someone who uses Shark everyday..I find it hard to believe there can be something better made. I have sucked up cat toys, socks, cat litter, dog biscuits, leaves, actual dirt, (think things that fall outside on your patio)..the list goes on and on. It has never jammed or died and it still works just as strong as the day I purchased it…almost a year ago!

SO, if you are in the market for a good vacuum, and you have a budget of a MAX $300, GET THIS VACUUM!

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