House Keeper


Qualities of a perfect house cleaner should be pretty straightforward. Ideally, they would be:

  1. A perfect house cleaner is always on time OR notifies you if they are running behind in advance.
  2. One of the main things that, in my opinion, is very important is a cleaner who is specialized in eco-friendly cleaning. They don’t just go to a store and assume the cleaning products they are purchasing is all natural, no way! The cleaner is educated with facts and uses the highest grade EWG grade cleaners, or makes their own, which is as effective.
  3. A perfect house cleaner should be specialized in residential house cleaning, especially the equipment. Vacuum, mops, dusters, products. They don’t scratch surfaces, knows how to clean different material floors, and wood.
  4. When they are new, they make sure they listen to your specific needs around your home..things you would like serviced each time.
  5. They pay very close attention to detail. They don’t skip areas, they move things they can lift or slide with one hand- they don’t just vacuum around.
  6. They organize things, make piles look neat, pick things up off the floor, fold blankets, straighten couch pillows, quickly tidy bedsheets.
  7.  A perfect house cleaner will use pleasant smelling products, preferably scented with essential oils. Products they use do not smell harsh and chemical-filled.
  8. If you have pets, your house cleaner is always considerate to vacuum the couch, cat trees, dog beds to remove hair.
  9. A perfect house cleaner is self-disciplined. When they start cleaning, they are systematic, efficient, and thorough every time.
  10. They have amazing customer service skills, a perfect house cleaner should guarantee satisfaction. They will not leave feeling like they could have done a better job.

When you come across A perfect house cleaner, you will know. There are few traits, but very important traits they should have. You want to trust them, be at ease about them using  clean and safe products and equipment, and they will be sensitive to your specific needs and standards.

Do you want your cleaning professional to use green cleaning products? Check out the link to see some of the advantages of going green!

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