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Remove junk! Here Are Some Things You Can Throw Away Now

by jessica - February 27, 2017

remove junk

Remove junk taking up space on your counters, in your closets, and ALL that junk in those “junk drawers” that you toss the “forgotten” in.

I can feel when my house is too junky. When I see all things I haven’t used in over a year, I know it’s time to get decluttering. Eliminating clutter can make it easier to keep track of what you possess.

How do you know what’s junk and what’s not?

To me, sentimental things like pictures, knickknacks from my grandma when she traveled, old journals, or important paper documents are not junk. Junk is the all the “recycled” gift wrap that you kept, thinking you’d use it again for “something” since you loved it so much. Toss it!

Remove junk from around your home. If it’s been sitting around and you don’t like looking at it-toss it! 

Old spices – Spices don’t actually spoil but they lose their potency.  A good tip from Metro Vancouver Maids is 1-2 years for seasoning; 1-3 for herbs and ground spices; and up to 4 years for whole spices.

Instruction manuals- everything can be found online now

Rusty tools that need to be replaced

Games with missing pieces

Dried up nail polish bottles

Video games you’ll never play again

Old party supplies

Jewelry you don’t wear

Expired food in your freezer/pantry

Rugs or home decor you haven’t used since you redecorated

Unused perfumes and cologne

Old towels that make you cringe when you look at them

Test pens and markers-toss ones that don’t work

Expired coupons

Burnt out candles or old ones that don’t smell pretty

Old bills (Switch to online banking and stop the clutter before it comes in your home) and now they charge for paper copies! 


Stretched out hair ties- gross hair clips, hot tools that are broken

Ugly old looking tissue paper and gift bags.. if it looks used, toss it!

Old newspapers.

Don’t worry! 

It seems more intimidating than it is, throwing away all these things you always think you’ll need one day. The truth is if it’s been awhile since you have thought about “it” and you won’t be using “it” ever, just let it go! After all this hard work, hire a house cleaning service to take care of the cleaning part!