Moving happens to everyone at some point. Reasons why are endless and sometimes it can be cross state or even cross country! It can be a planned move, an easy move, or an unexpected move. You can be upsizing or downsizing. Any way you find yourself moving, it can be a lengthy process. You could be building a new house or moving into an already built house you have fallen in love with. You could also be moving apartments. Or buying a condo. Or renting.

Between looking for the right place, securing it and planning the packing, there are tons of things to worry about-the list grows fast. In my experience, worrying about cleaning out the place or getting your new living space cleaned, doing it yourself can be a daunting task to have in the back of your mind. If you make the proper decision to find a cleaning service to assist you with this, there are a lot of questions to determine the right things that need to get done. 

So what shoud be included in a cleaning service when you are moving into a new place (ideally this would be taken care of, but sometimes it's not) or what should you plan to get done when moving out?

The Essentials Of Moving In

Moving into a newly built house, or the perfect new house you found -- its such a refreshing feeling. It's a new space and a new place to make your own.

Moving into a newly built CUSTOM house is exciting. You built this house from picking the exterior, creating the perfect spaces you need, the fine details of your dream kitchen, etc and added your own designs. From cabinet colors, to cabinet hardware, to light fixtures, you were 100% responsible for the design. Though no one else has ever had their things in the drawers or used the stove, a lot of dust lingers from the construction even after the post construction clean up. 

You may not need too much of a deep clean, but even getting a dusting in the cabinets, closets, basesboards, counters etc and a  wipe down of everything gives it a fresh feeling. Getting excess dust removed from the floors and mopping floors from movers (or you) walking around is a good idea so the floors get sanitized. A standard cleaning service is best for this kind of move in.

Now if you are moving into a house that has had plenty of love from previous owners, it all depends on how they left you the house. Sometimes previous owners did not have time to clean before you moved in and you never want to move right into someone elses mess. A good cleaning service- and a good cleaning in this case is needed. There can be A LOT of cleaning that needs to get done.  Below is a good list of things to get done if you were left with a house not cleaned prior to your move in 

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  • All bathrooms deep cleaned. And inside cabinets and drawers cleaned thoroughly so you can put your things away.
  • Kitchen deep cleaned including inside cabinets, drawers, inside the fridge and freezer, and insided the oven.
  • All common areas and bedrooms vacuumed, baseboards cleaned, doors and knobs wiped down switch plates cleaned, vents dusted and wiped. Any ceiling fans dusted. Window sills dusted and wiped down. 
  • All floors vacuumed and mopped. Maybe think about getting your carpets cleaned as well

You never want to move into a house previous owners lived in without sanitizing everything, moving into a new place should feel clean and fresh. Why put your things away in a dirty cabinet or drawer, or a dirty fridge? 

Apartment cleanings are the same deal, or any place you are renting. You put a security deposit down, in most cases leasing offices make sure apartment are cleaned prior to move in. As a landlord, it should be their responsibility to provide you with a clean space moving in so hopefully you don't have to worry about this.

The Essentials Of Moving Out

If you're in the opposite position and you are preparing to move out of the house you previously lived in and already sold, it is a kind gesture to get the house cleaned before new owners move in, or in other cases, if you moved but your house is still on the market and needs to be sold it is crucially more important to have it cleaned. 

The checklist provided are typical things that should be done after you move out. It's fairly easy to schedule a cleaning service after you have moved out so they can come in and get the cleaning done in one day.

A good cleaning service will make sure all areas are cleaned thoroughly and the insides of appliances as well as cabinets and drawers are sanitized. If your home is still on the market and you have showings, it is important to have a clean house so people can focus on the rest of the house. This has be proven that a clean home will sell much faster

If you are moving out of an apartment, leasing offices of the apartment are sticklers with your security deposit depending on how you left their unit. If you are trying to get any part of your security deposit back, it is essential you leave the place already cleaned or they will take money from you if they have to get the cleaning done themself. And most times they will take more than the cleaning costs so don't risk losing money if you can help it. Most places have a checklist they provide you to go through when moving out, but the list above is a common cleaning checklist of things that need to get cleaned before you leave.

Most people that have used a cleaning service either for moving in or moving out admit it is so much easier and is well worth the money you pay an experienced move in/out cleaning service to get the job done. 

They can get everything done in one day and you don't have to worry about making time to get the cleaning part taken care of. Not every cleaning is the same, you think it's an easy task to complete until you actually start the moving process, and if you do try to do it yourself it can be very difficult to finish an entire cleaning in one day!

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