Choosing a house cleaning service can be a tricky process. The most common thought would be determining what type of service you need. Whether you are looking for a one time service, or looking to have a cleaning team come in 1 time or 2 times a month, we are here to help elaborate on what types of house cleaning services we provide. 

Standard/Recurring Services

The most basic house cleaning service you can book is just a general cleaning of each areas including bedrooms, bathrooms and common ares-kitchen, living, and dining space. This type of cleaning is more of a general maintenance clean.

Nothing too detailed, not too much scrubbing. We do not recommend getting this type of service if your home has not been in 6 months or more. Dirt, dust and grime accumulates quicker than we realize, and depending on family dynamics or how frequently you  keep up with cleaning, it is best to assess this on the state of your most high traffic areas. (Kitchen, bathroom, and floors.)

If you are generally tidy, clean up after yourself or are a single household you may be able to get away with just a basic quick cleaning. 

Full Deep Cleaning/Partial Deep Cleaning Service

Here at Eco Clean, we decided that sometimes customers don't want things deep cleaned like their bedrooms and living area. We figured it would be a good choice to offer a "partial deep cleaning service" mainly focusing on those higher traffic areas that get dirty and grimey very quick. This cleaning specifically targets the kitchen and bathroom(s).

Grease, food splatter and crumbs live and breathe in your kitchen area especially if you cook a lot and often. Bathrooms get dirty in so many ways. Soap scum build up in tubs and showers, hard water build up if you have a pesky shower door, toothpaste build up and hair around the sink and mirror... and the toilet area, we all are familiar with what goes on in and around that!

So, rather than focusing on areas that you feel don't need a detailed cleaning, we have an option that is a hybrid of regular cleaning/deep cleaning where it matters most.

Now, if you feel your home has thick amounts of dust covering your furniture, pet hair/your hair, lots of crumbs and debris build up in the carpets or on your hard surface floors (tile, vinyl  hardwood) AND your kitchen and bathrooms need a serious scrubbing, a full deep cleaning service is the best option. We recommend this if your house has not been cleaned in any way between 6 months and most definitely within a year.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Service

Our move in/move out cleaning service is something we bundled all together. It includes a standard/general cleaning with inside the fridge/freezer, inside the oven, and inside cabinets and drawers in the bathrooms and kitchen. Typically your home is empty or near empty. We suggest adding a deep clean or partial deep clean if it needs more detailed cleaning that a standard won't quite cover. If you can't determine whether or not to add any deep cleaning services on, our specialized team can help you with that when we arrive and see your home. 

A la-Carte Services And Customizing Your Cleaning

Eco Clean offers different "a la carte" add ons for each home, since...they are all in fact different! If you want a partial deep clean with inside your oven you can do that. If you need a full deep clean and also want inside your fridge/freezer we offer that option as well. Want to add something on to a standard cleaning, no problem.

We have a pet add-on, a sliding/glass shower door add on, (so we can tackle any hard water build up) window cleaning add ons... we can customize your cleaning so many ways.

To create the best house cleaning service for you precisely tailored for your home, check out our booking form

Now that you have a general idea of which house cleaning service is right for you, it's ok to have more questions. You can simply reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team, so we can guide you in the right direction. We know the right questions to ask so you don't get overwhelmed!

About the Author Jessica

Hi, there! I am Jessica and have been professionally cleaning for 8 years. I love to talk about all things cleaning and caring for your home!