Having A Bit Of Writer’s Block? Here Is Some Blog Inspiration To Get You Kick Started!

by jessica - June 7, 2017

writer's block

Beat that writer's block! 

Writing a blog is just like having a conversation with someone. It's informing them about whatever your topic is...whatever you are knowledgeable about. Whatever you want your audience to engage in. 

Usually for house cleaning companies, the best blogs are cleaning related. 

Believe it or not, there are a lot of things to talk about when it comes to cleaning and caring for your home. 

​Sometimes you just need a point in the right direction. It all starts with your topic! 

Common blog topics to beat that writer's block

1. Bathroom cleaning tips. Bathroom cleaning from start to finish. How to clean a bathtub. How to clean a glass shower door

2. How to clean baseboards ex: tools, products

3. How to clean a kitchen from start to finish. How to clean a stove. How to clean the inside of a refrigerator. How to clean the inside of an oven. How to clean greasy cabinets. How to clean inside the freezer.

4. I always like to try products like vacuums, dusters, cleaning products etc and review the product.

5. How to clean different types of flooring.

6. Green cleaning and green cleaning products. There is a ton to write about on green cleaning and there are a TON of green cleaners to give feedback on, even if you haven't tested any out. 

7. Cleaning routines, schedules, cleaning, problems and solutions.

8. Cleaning hacks and tips.

9. How to find a great house cleaning service in <your area>

10. ​The importance of keeping your house clean. The importance of deep cleaning your home. 

11. How to get your security deposit back. The importance of getting your security deposit back. Move in/Move out checklist.

12. Difference between your personal companies' standard cleaning and deep cleaning​

You can build off a lot of these topics and get detailed in explaining the process. An informational blog will grab someones attention and your goal should always be to sound experienced in what you're blogging about. Clean MamaOne Good Thing By Jilee and Housekeeper.com are some WONDERFUL examples of blog inspiration that I use to lean on if I'm dealing with writer's block!