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One day you take a look around your home, noticing the built up grime on baseboards, dirty walls, dust in between the vents, built up soap scum…the list continues to go on.

At this point, you’re probably considering hiring a deep cleaning service, Madison. If you’re a person that doesn’t mind the work, I’m sharing some of our common all over the house deep cleaning tips to help you make it through start to finish.

If you’re a person that doesn’t mind the work, I’m sharing some of our common all over the house deep cleaning tips to help you make it through from start to finish.

  • Tackling Cobwebs 

I like to start with this pesky task. For this task, it’s a MUST that you get a duster specially made for cobwebs.

If you don’t and your home has textured walls, you’ll make a bigger mess than you would expect.

Getting a duster specific for cobwebs is not a waste of money, they are between $10-$15 and you get your money’s worth by how easy they make removing cobwebs.

  • Walls

We can all admit that cleaning walls are a real pain in the *you know what.* Sooo tedious, and who even thinks of it?!

Not until your walls actually start showing neglect, will you notice it.

Common areas walls can need cleaning would be bathrooms and kitchens. An entry way could usually use spot cleaning.

I take sal’s suds cleaner diluted with water and a microfiber to wipe the grime off walls. With marks, melamine foam is the best. Aka magic erasers.

  • Light Switches

Cleaning your light switches probably doesn’t make sense until you think about it.

Your hands aren’t always 100% clean when turning them on and off..and generally, dust builds up. I take an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber. Sometimes a magic eraser if necessary.

Remember to wipe dry 🙂

  • Ceiling fans 

If you have ceiling fans, either get a really good duster (here is another great ceiling fan duster) and maintain dusting, or you can get on a ladder and clean blade by blade. (Not recommended!)

  • Light Fixtures

Dust out the light fixture first. Some fixtures are easy to disassemble.

I disassemble if I can. Clean the fixture with little dawn dish soap and water. I then dry the fixture. Then I use Rain- X with an e-cloth to clean the fixture again.


  • Vents

For all the furnace and bathroom vents around my home, I like to dust and wipe them with a microfiber pre-wetted with an all-purpose cleaner just to make then shiny again.

  • Baseboards

For wood baseboards, I use a degreaser and an orange oil to condition the wood on wooden baseboards.

For the white baseboards(which I believe were designed only for looks not cleaning convenience) I recommend using sal’s suds and a magic eraser with a dry microfiber.

Deep cleaning can take a whole entire day! Depending on the condition of your home.

Alpine Maids and Eco Clean Madison are 2 great cleaning companies that specialize in way more deep cleaning tips. You won’t be disappointed!

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