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Do you HATE the never ending cycle of Cleaning?

by Kyle - September 29, 2016


Do You Hate The Never Ending Cycle of Cleaning? 

Of course you do! I mean, seriously, who has time to clean their home on a weekly basis? (Plus, even if you do have time, wouldn’t you rather be doing something else.)

The kids are back in school, and it can be hard to keep up this time of year. Especially, if your children are involved in after school activities. Take a look by your door! I am sure there are shoes in disarry and dirt in the corner from those soccer cleats. (Yes, it rained at the last game!) But guess what? You are not alone…… As parents we all have the same problem, but we obviously can’t just let things go. I love having a cleaning home, but I HATE trying to keep up on cleaning. As soon as I have everything looking all nice and organized it seems to get hit with the wrath of a “sleep over”. Back to square one! This cycle keeps repeating itself over and over again.

There has to be a solution!

Well that there is 🙂 When it comes to keeping your home clean there are two options.

1.) Set up a cleaning schedule and get the kids involved – Getting the family involved can make your job as a parent A LOT easier! Simply write down the tasks that should be done, and assign each family member to 1-3 areas per week. This is a great way to keep your home clean, but it can be difficult depending on your schedule. (Here is a great article on getting your kids to do house cleaning chores)

Check out our Best Cleaning Checklist to see all the tasks that should be getting done 🙂

2.) Hire a Professional Cleaning Service – Sometimes you just need to call in the professionals. The only question is how often? This all depends on your lifestyle. If you are always on the run and have a hard time keeping the house clean (like me) you might want to consider a recurring service.

Recurring services are typically charged at a discounted rate, so you can keep your home clean, and save money. Winning!

Weekly Cleaning

A weekly cleaning service is recommend for those that have an extremely busy schedule, and no time for house cleaning. You love having everything looking nice, but you really just don’t have the time with your 100 mile per hour lifestyle!

People with allergies or pets that shed should also consider a weekly cleaning.

Bi-Weekly Cleaning

This is the most common cleaning. Perfect for those that keep their homes fairly clean, but still need a little bit of extra help. Your home is almost perfect, it just needs some attention to detail! (Vacuum, dust, organize, and of course FLOORS.)

A Bi-Weekly service is ideal for anyone who loves a clean home!

Monthly Service

This one is simple! A monthly service is for everyone 🙂 If you don’t find it necessary to get a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, a monthly service could be right for you. A monthly cleaning is recommended in order to maintain your home. You can’t just go an entire year without cleaning at all! I guess you could, but that’s just disgusting……

Almost forgot about option 3!

3.) Teach the dog!


If only, if only……… 🙂

Looking for pricing?

We have you covered! Check out our house cleaning prices here.