Kitchen House Cleaning Tips

Kitchen House Cleaning Tips

Kitchens are high traffic areas and will most likely get used all throughout the day. Wether it is using the microwave, stove, any countertop appliance such as a toaster, coffee maker, blender etc, it gets messy! In a family household you can’t always expect your kids or partner to keep a clean kitchen  when they are finshed doing whatever they are doing in there. Don’t forget those dishes that can pile up even if you have a dishwasher! There are some pretty easy ways to make it less stressful on maintaining a clean kitchen that isn’t so cluttered. It can be something you dream about but getting the motivation to start is tricky. I have a house cleaning business myself, here are some basic clean kitchen principles that can help even if you have a house cleaner;


Keep it as minimal as you can on the counters

People tend to keep every angle of their counters filled with their counter appliances. Personally, having at least 2 cabinets that can easily fit these is just enough. If you use your toaster often, keep it out. If you use your coffee maker pretty much daily.. then keep it out. Cooking utenils of course always should be by your stove. Spices and cooking oils/sprays should always have a small space. Or in a cabinet if you have room.
Having a fruit basket helps with preserving counter space. I like this one! Making sure you have a bread basket helps too. It’s pretty similar to a fruit basket and you can keep your loaves and bagels separate. And, it  looks nice. 🙂


Start with a clean kitchen space

I am a messy cook. I can easily have every area of counter space covered with whatever produce, protein and utensils I need when I am preparing to make a meal or bake. Just have the essentials you need out. When you are fimished with a tong, spatula, knives, cutting boards etc, wash it and put it away. (If you aren’t using a dishwasher) If you are, there are tons of ways to utilize the dishwasher and load dishes properly. Do what fits your dishwasher situation best. Most importantly, making sure there are no dishes in the sink or the dishwasher sets a better mood.
CHECK YOUR STOVE! The stove/cooktop is so important in keeping a clean kitchen. Using a good degreasing soap like dawn and a magic eraser can quickly clean up any residue of food. Just make sure it’s all wiped down before you cook.. and after.
For reheating purposes, make sure you keep your microwave wiped down. Or, get a cover and set it near the microwave. It’s the easiest way to keep your microwave clean and free of nasty built up splatter.

Clean while you wait

If you’re waiting for something to bake or boil, or if you have a spare couple minutes to look your kitchen over when you are using it check  the floors, sink, and counters.. tend to them. It won’t take much time since you are already using the area. I know I drop a lot of scraps (not always best for your dog to eat them) on the floor. Keeping the floor wiped up with a microfiber cloth while you cook makes it so much easier to maintain a clean kitchen. It’s less work at the end of the day so you don’t have to worry about it later in the week when it has been days of cooking ANY meal all over your floor.
Make sure the sink is free of ANY dishes, so that your glass baking pans, pots, etc. are ready to clean and put away. No matter what meal. Make sure the dishwasher (or drying rack) is put away and ready for your next meal.
And PLEASE keep wiping your counters down when something spills. This is the easiest way to keep counters clean. They should always be wiped down and rid of any sticky and hard stuck on food debris that can damage your counter.


  1. making sure your counter isn’t cluttered, utilize some cabinet space! Get rid of anything you have tucked in those cabinets that you wanted to hid and don’t use. Make some room
  2. Do dishes, keep your sink cleared and clean of food-just rinse it out. If you have a dishwasher keep up with emptying and loading (family can easily help with this)
  3. Keep that stove top clean and ready after it has been used. As well with the microwave.
  4. Check your floors! Sweep, vaccum, mop whatever! just check it at the most daily( preferred) if not weekly at the very least.
  5. AND PLEASE… this is so important so you can keep a clean kitchen, not to mention a sanitized one.. keep those counters wiped and clean!!! This can prevent the spread of germs and cross contamintion.


About the Author Jess

Hey, I'm Jess! I own a local cleaning business in Madison, WI and I also love writing about house cleaning and green cleaning products!