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We only hire the best maids & cleaners.

Eco Clean believes that the success factor behind every clean is hiring and training the best maids to leave our customers thrilled. Every month we receive hundreds of resumes, but we hire less than 5% of applicants. Our team of professionally insured & bonded cleaners knows how to clean a home to perfection!

Happiness is guaranteed.

Eco Clean has a 100% happiness guaranteed policy. If you’re ever unhappy for any reason during a clean, let us know and we’ll make it right free of charge.

Our team is growing.

Eco Clean currently has over 10 cleaners in the Madison area. Happy customers have led to more happy customers. And it’s all because of our amazing team. If you know of anyone who you’d highly recommend to clean your own home, let us know and tell them to contact us as we continue to grow.

Here’s a Checklist we check off during every Home Cleaning:

  • We enter each of the following areas of your house:
  • Bedrooms.
  • Living Rooms.
  • Kitchens.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Sun rooms/Four seasons room
  • Office area
  • Laundry Area
  • Any extra rooms/living spaces, extra levels (finished basements, lofts/dens, etc..)

Kitchen: (all stainless steel does get cleaned and polished fingerprint and streak-free, we DO NOT use abrasive tools for stainless steel or any scratch-prone surface. 

  • Clean/wipe-dry stove top 
  • Clean/wipe-dry outside of oven (inside upon request)
  • Clean/wipe-dry inside and outside microwave
  • Clean/wipe-dry outside of small appliances on the counter
  • Wipe/dust light fixtures
  • Clean/wipe outside all appliances (refrigerator and dishwasher-inside upon request)
  • Clean kitchen sink/wipe-dry and polish sink basin(if surface allows)

Hard floor surface friendly vacuum for crumbs and loose dust/dirt then Steam mop floors *(we DO NOT steam unsealed floors or any other surface not steam-friendly) just let us know! If your floor is not steam-friendly, we can either swiffer wet-jet to mop or use your personal alternative.

We promise you every surface gets wiped clean!  We use fresh, clean scented all eco- friendly products. If you’re wonder what exactly we use… Just ask! We will be more than happy to give you our cleaning product sheet that has the name of the products and a picture! We don’t hide what we use 🙂 .Eco-Clean does not tolerate cutting corners, so we assure you that we will move around anything on your counter and wipe the entire surface clean.

Bathrooms: (we do try our very best to remove soap scum and hard water build up that can happen in the tub/shower area; if we can’t make it brand new again, we do promise its 100% clean.)

  • Scrub toilet bowl (we do ask you supply the toilet brush, this is for health and sanitation reasons)
  • Clean/wipe outside toilet and around inside of toilet bowl
  • Clean/wipe or scrub(if necessary) tub and shower walls/glass doors/shower tracks, wipe shower head and fixtures
  • Wipe outside cabinets, cabinet handles
  • Clean mirror
  • Dust bathroom fans, vents, light fixtures
  • Clean/wipe counter, wash sink, clean/polish sink fixtures

Living area, bedrooms and other recreational rooms:

  • Dust/wipe furniture with a microfiber cloth
  • Dust fans/vents, light fixtures and window ledges
  • Larger patio door glass we will clean

We can vacuum cloth couches(ideal for people with pets) 

In every room we:

  • wipe the light switch plates, dust vents, fans, light fixtures and door knobs and handles. In every hard-floor surfaced area we mop, and we vacuum all carpets. We wipe down soap bottles, dispensers, tooth brush holders, trash cans, we wipe knick knacks that are dusty or grimey. Every item gets wiped cleaned. If you would like us to use specific products to clean with that you use in your home, please let us know! Eco Clean is more than happy to accomodate your exact wants, needs and preferences. You can click our link if you want to book a cleaning right here in Madison. If you are just looking for some tips check out our blog.


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